Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Solid Works

The Heat had deal with a team ,they give us  the solid works and we give them the claw.Due o he team leader bring so busy with the wiffle ball robot he forgo to turn this in.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

End of week 10

The heat robotics completely failed this challenge unfortunately. Tuesday which was 5/7/2013 was the last day for the Heat Robotics to do the ball challenge, but the Team Leader had to take biology Eoc

End of week 9

The Heat robotics is now ready to due the ball challenge but we have a big problem, The heat robot arm is a whopping 28 inches while the max length your arm should be is 18 inches. So the lead mechanic will have to take the arm apart and make fit. This should take us the whole week due to insufficient inventory.

End of week 8

Now the Heat robotics had a little problems with putting the claw together and finding a motor. But we roused  to the occasion and have everything working. Due to Fcat reading we will be in the cafeteria, which means we probably wont have space to do the challenge.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

End of week 7

Due to the team leader connections, he was able to find a brand new claw for free but only had to pay for the shipping price. The heat robotics have the biggest advantage with the claw but we are still having a lot of difficulties due to us not having sufficient motors. The claw needs a lot of power that we don't have, so the heat robotics are on the search for a big or small motor ( 1st period ) for all the south plantation high school robotics teams that are reading  our blog "if you have a motor let us know please, we will really appreciate it !!"

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Robot Video

This is not the video we scored 75 points with, but here goes a little action. The person who is the lead control man is Jamesky Jean, The heat Robotics had a lot of difficulties and i am glad to see the robot on the tarmac.

New Challenge

Now the Heat Robotics are done with the tetrahedron challenge we are moving to the rocket ball challenge. The rocket challenge is when we get a small blue ball in a small plastic goal. The challenge has many difficulties, some of the difficulties we are facing is that the way our arm is step -up, we have to add a new motor and figure out a new mechanism.